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How sweet (literally)! @Staples wanted to send me something extra for working together. Feeling appreciated :)

Aww, I remember these! I had to restrain myself from buying the record player just for nostalgia sake!

This is happening now! Get down to San Mateo for a free (FANTASTIC) massage @MEBayArea #SFWomensExpo

Working hard at the Massage Envy booth @MEBayArea #SFWomensExpo

This private beach at the hotel is amazing. I only wish I had more time to enjoy it #KiaCali #travel #California

So spoiled at the farewell dinner last night. Gorgeous setup, delicious food, and fantastic company #KiaCali

Yay! We won 3rd place for our #KiaCali video and lyrics :) FYI, it’s on FB

Bittersweet closing dinner for the 2015 Sedona & Soul EV preview #KiaCali #cars

Feeling the EV vibe with my cocoa Nektar smoothie #KiaCali

Finished our drive in the 2015 Sedona (which was awesome BTW) and enjoying our view at lunch #KiaCali #travel