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I'm TerriAnn, a mother of one in California's SF Bay Area. My family and I love sharing our favorite places, activities, and products.

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Sad it’s over but so grateful for a ton of amazing experiences #DisneySMMoms

Savoring the only time we’ll ride this with no lines whatsoever #DisneySMMoms #AlamoSocialMoms (at Radiator Springs at Disney California Adventure)

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Feeling like a kid again when watching LeVar Burton read #DisneySMMoms

LOVE this show! Starts in ten minutes :) #DisneySMMoms @DCAToday (at World Of Color)

The girls came to hang out at the conference for a bit #DisneySMMoms

Donald Driver shares his story through Quickie books #DisneySMMoms

Great panelists. Grumpy Cat seemed to enjoy the lime light #DisneySMMoms

Amazing to hear how Leslie’s travel blog turned into Disney Bound and a new verb #DisneySMMoms

Cars Land - inspired by a real 10-day road trip along Route 66 #DisneySMMoms