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Finally made it :) #blogher14

Thanks @hardcandy and @walmart for the pampering (makeup) and gorgeous $10 statement necklace

Libby Langdon, Courtney Novogratz, and Shauna Miller shed light on how they’re helping @Walmart be a style destination for decor and clothes #WMTBloggerDay

What a fun way to be welcomed - with each of our logos on the wall :) @Walmart #WMTBloggerDay

$10 statement necklaces, full kitchen lines, and $199 strollers WITH the car seat incl. Love all these $$ and options #WMTBloggerDay

How am I supposed to concentrate on work when things like this arrive on my doorstep?! #IntelTablets

Taking some beauty shots of the @Mazda #Miata but someone keeps getting distracted… @DriveSTI

Why do my review cars always come in the same colors?! #cars #autojournalist

These ribs with strawberry BBQ sauce from @thelobostruck are so delicious! #strawberryland

The Albion strawberries at Rod Koda’s farm are huge! All are made with love :) #strawberryland